The new year has arrived and many of us are thinking about our new years resolutions.

While it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, we’d like to make the case that keeping your Xerox MFP up to date this year with the latest security patches and firmware updates is more than worth your consideration—and thanks to Xerox automatic updates, will only take a few minutes to set up if you haven’t already.

xerox update network printer

In today’s post, we’d like to explore why it’s important to keep your printer up to date and what happens when you do. The key takeaways are:

  • It’s easy to set up automatic updates for your Xerox printer that won’t interrupt your workflow.
  • Xerox has a long history of rolling out “stable” updates, meaning that the updates are highly unlikely to cause malfunctions or break your currently existing software.

Easy and safe—if only it was this easy with all technology, right?

Let’s dive right in:

What Happens When Your Xerox MFP Installs an Update

When your Xerox MFP installs an update, either automatically or because you instructed it to manually, it contacts Xerox servers to download software and firmware updates. The updates are then installed. Typically, these updates include:

  • New functionality and software enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Security upgrades

On the surface level, you’ll likely only notice the software enhancements and, if it was big enough, the bug fixes. These updates are intended to make the software and underlying firmware that power your MFP even easier to use and less prone to malfunction. Xerox has been rolling out these kinds of updates for a long time, so at this point these updates are more or less just adding polish.

The updates that you aren’t likely to notice in a day-to-day scenario are, however, among the most important: security upgrades.

xerox printer security updatesThe Importance of Xerox Security Updates Cannot Be Overstated

If your MFP is attached to a network, security upgrades are arguably the most important updates you can get. Just like any IoT (Internet of Things, a term describing devices connected to the internet) device, your printer is an attack vector for malicious actors—hackers, viruses, and ransomware can find their way into a business network through a printer that hasn’t been updated with the latest security patches.

Security updates will also enhance your local security as well, meaning the security in place for staff or others with physical access to the printer. If you use an authentication system (such as access codes or PINs), you’ll want these updates too.

Scheduling Automatic Updates During Non-Work Hours

Note that automatic updates can take place at a time of your choosing. For example, at 3 AM while everyone is out of the office, or Sundays when your staff is at home. ConnectKey 1.5 allows users to set a time for automatic updates to take place right through the Firmware Connect app. Version 1 requires downloading the Automatic Firmware Updates Solution via the device’s web interface.

Xerox Technology: Easy to Use, Easy to Update

Whether you need to update your printer or update your office equipment entirely, our trained team of experts here at Preferred Document Solutions are here to get you started.

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