PDS Preferred Document Solutions Identify and Solve Print-Related Issues with Managed Print ServicesYour Colorado Springs printers should be reliable partners that help you keep workflows moving along at a steady and predictable pace. Unfortunately, the reality is often much different. Printers use up toner at alarming (and costly) rates; downtimes interfere with project deadlines, and no one has a clear idea of how much it’s all costing. Fortunately, there’s no reason to be resigned to the printer status quo.

Managed print services can turn unreliable, toner-gulping printers into the dependable productivity partners they were meant to be. Isn’t that why you invested in them in the first place?

Problems: Identified

You can’t fix what can’t be identified. Managed print services can help pinpoint areas of inefficiency and cost overruns, so there’s a clear starting point for solutions.

  • An initial assessment will show exactly what your printed documents are costing. Most companies discover it’s much more than they thought—often as high as 6% to 15% of annual revenues.
  • Knowledge workers spend an average of 325 hours annually on print-related issues. At $20 an hour, those issues are costing busin