Caring for your customer’s private information is a big responsibility. As we enter an increasingly digitally connected world, the demand for consumer privacy is growing. People are quickly realizing that how a business handles their customer data matters—a lot.

Businesses of all sizes should reevaluate the security measures they have in place so that they don’t end up on the next data breach headline, not only for their customer’s sensitive data, but their own as well. The good news is that Xerox makes information security easy, even for small businesses or startups without dedicated IT personnel.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the cutting edge security features you’ll gain access to by using Xerox technology, including the safe and secure transferal and archival of your customer data.

xerox transfer customer informationXerox Uses Industry-Leading Security Features, and This is is Why it Matters

Whenever important data such as customer information is being transferred from one place to another (such as from one member of your staff to another, or from your company to another company that you do business with, for example), encryption is the means by which that data is protected. Unencrypted data can effectively be viewed by anyone, and thus stolen or used for other nefarious purposes.

Xerox secures your data with state of the art encryption methods, including military-grade AES-256. When data is “in motion,” i.e., going from one place to another, SSL and IPSec are used. In English, this all means that by using your properly configured and updated Xerox multifunction printer, you’re gaining access to the same security technology used by multinational corporations and governments around the world.

How Xerox Helps You Protect Even Hard Copy Data

But what about hard copy data? Interestingly, paper copies of sensitive information can be more difficult to secure than digitized copies—especially if you work in an office with a lot of foot traffic. Xerox has the best solutions for that too.

For example, picture this scenario: an employee prints off some sensitive documents to the shared printer. Before they can pick them up, they get an important phone call. For the next half hour or so, those sensitive documents are sitting in the printer tray just waiting to be picked up… by anyone.

This is why Xerox developed the Secure Print feature. Here’s how it works: when you send a job to the printer, it won’t actually print right away. Instead, once you’re standing next to the printer, you’ll have to enter a pass code. Then the job will start printing. This is to ensure that the printed paper actually gets picked up.

That’s just one of many examples of how to protect your physical documents with Xerox features. For instance, another might be Xerox Access Control, which allows you to set up user permissions (account-based logins, PINs, or cards) to control who can access the printer and when.

xerox security featuresLearn More About Staying Secure & Boosting Efficiency With Xerox at Preferred Document Solutions in Colorado Springs

When you make the switch to Xerox technology, you aren’t just getting powerful office equipment that can help boost your productivity—you’re getting access to industry-leading security features as well. Take for example our post about how to automatically redact documents with your Xerox multifunction printer or our post that shows you how Xerox helps project small businesses from ransomware attacks.

If you’re ready to upgrade the way you do business, please feel free to request a no-obligation online quote. Of course, if you have any questions, our dedicated staff is standing by to help you discover the Xerox technology that will help you meet your unique business goals. You’re also invited to contact us or visit our convenient location in Colorado Springs on North Tejon street. We look forward to serving you!