Xerox has a long and storied history of excellent security standards. Most of the time when we think about information security, we’re thinking about the digital kind. It’s true that hackers and viruses are around every corner—and Xerox does a fantastic job of mitigating those threats—but something that often goes more or less completely unacknowledged is the physical security of data.

While enterprise-tier organizations or businesses within industries that frequently deal with sensitive data might keep a closer eye on their hard copy documents, many small and mid-size businesses don’t. One of the most common attack vectors are unattended documents left in the tray of a printer.

how to use xerox secure printHow Xerox Secure Print Protects Your Physical Documents

Xerox secure print is a feature that allows users to send a job to the printer from their computer or mobile device like normal, except it won’t print out until they’re physically present at the printer and enter a predetermined pass code.

This simple, elegant solution prevents anyone but the intended recipient of the printout to actually get their hands on the documents.

Aside from the security benefits, Xerox secure print helps in some other convenient ways too. We’ll explain:

Your Printouts Will Never Accidentally Go Missing Again

When your printouts go missing, it isn’t always due to the malicious intent of a bad actor—in fact, we’d wager it’s probably way more common for someone else to accidentally pick up your documents.

It’s happened to everyone (that isn’t using Xerox secure print, anyway). You send a job to the printer and go to pick it up. Totally innocuous, right? Except that when you actually get a chance to look at that stack of paper several hours later, you realize that there’s someone else’s documents at the bottom of the stack.

Xerox secure print would have made sure that everyone only gets the documents they specifically wanted printed. Not only does it increase the physical security of your documents, it saves time and resources, since in these situations the “victim” of mysteriously disappearing documents usually has to unnecessarily print them a second time.

xerox physical securityEffective and Easy Security With Xerox Technology

Now that you’ve learned about how easy it is to use Xerox secure print, it probably won’t come as a big surprise that Xerox really “knows their stuff” with regard to information security—both in person and digitally.

We’ve examined a few other areas of security where Xerox really shines on the blog before. If you’re interested in learning more, these posts are a good place to start:

Whether you’re a current Xerox MFP owner or not, the above posts will give you some actionable insight into ways you can protect yourself. If you do decide to upgrade to Xerox, you’ll be in even better hands.

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