These days, nearly regardless of what industry you’re in, almost all businesses are rapidly becoming members of the global economy. Thanks to the internet and the interconnectedness of even seemingly unrelated industries, there’s a reasonably high chance that your company’s reach extends much further than ever before.

While this is generally a good thing, competing in a global economy presents new challenges to businesses of all sizes. Perhaps primary among those challenges is the necessity to communicate in languages that are not your own.

When understanding the finer details of a multilingual document is putting everything on the line, the importance of an accurate translation cannot be overstated—but what if you need translations frequently? Many business owners are worried about the costs of such a service adding up.

That’s why Xerox has developed an innovative, forward-thinking solution for businesses participating in an increasingly global marketplace. In today’s post, we’d like to introduce the Xerox Easy Translator Service.

xerox automatic translationWhat is the Xerox Easy Translator Service?

The Xerox Easy Translator Service is more than just an app—it’s a comprehensive suite of translation services. Both automated machine translations and real-human translations are available through the cloud capabilities of the app, both of which can be great choices depending on scenario. We’ll touch on when to use either feature in a moment.

Over 44 languages including German, Japanese, French, and dozens more can be translated using the service, with output available in nearly any file format you prefer ranging from PDF to Office to plain JPG.

You can access the Xerox Easy Translator Service directly from the Xerox device itself if preferred, but you can also use the service from your PC, laptop, or mobile device—whether or not you’re near the printer (or even printing anything at all).

If you have a digital document, all that needs to be done is sending the file over to the translator service and selecting how you want it to be translated. If you have a hard copy of the document only, all you have to do is scan the document with your MFP and the service takes care of the rest—you can even print out a translated version to have side-by-side with the original.

The Xerox Easy Translator Service uses state of the art OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to make sure that your translations are as accurate as possible, whether you’re using machine translations or human translations. Let’s take a moment to explore both options in more detail.

Machine Translations vs. Human Translations: The Difference and When to Prefer One Over Another

A machine translation is an automatic translation performed by a computer program. Machine translations are usually nearly instantaneous, cheap or free, and can process large documents very quickly. The drawback is, of course, that machine translations aren’t perfect. If you’ve ever used something like Google Translate, you’ll know more or less what to expect.

Human translations are, of course, translations performed by real people. Professional translators will take longer to translate a document than a computer, but the quality of the translation will be much higher—nearly perfect.

Machine translations are perfect for tasks where the translation doesn’t need to be perfect. If you’ve received a document and you just need to understand the gist of it quickly, a machine translation will generally do the trick (and quickly, too). Choose a human translator for documents that need to be translated with high degrees of accuracy, such as legal documents.

xerox easy translator app featuresLearn More About the Xerox Easy Translator Service and More at Preferred Document Solutions

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