Did you know that most businesses substantially underestimate their document generation costs?

Does yours?

On average, most businesses spend 1-3% of their annual revenue on print costs, sometimes without even knowing it—print costs get lumped in with “office supplies” and may even end up being the lions share of that particular budget expenditure.

Furthermore, the necessity of dealing with multiple vendors for all the different facets of document generation like toner, paper, and IT requirements (e.g., maintenance or repairs) also tends to muddy the waters further, not to mention putting additional strain on the accounting department or bookkeeper.

With all this in mind, if you were told that there was a way that businesses like yours could be saving up to 30% on their print costs in addition to reducing the workload for both the accounting department and IT staff, would you be interested?

There is: a managed print service with Preferred Document Solutions.

managed print services document savingsWhat is a Managed Print Service and How Does it Work?

A managed print service, or MPS, is a service provided by a third party that oversees the entire operation of a fleet of printers. That means everything is covered, from supplies like paper and toner to maintenance and repairs.

Businesses with an MPS enjoy easier and more accurate budgeting, single invoice billing, remote monitoring and alerts, and a lower per-page cost than businesses who manage their fleet on their own.

Let’s unpack that.

With an MPS like ours, budgeting for your document generation costs becomes easy and accurate—as in, down to the page accurate. This is thanks to our tracking software which allows us (and you) to determine what gets printed, when, and by whom.

This offers several unique benefits, not the least of which is being able to track printing trends, e.g., you may find that you print more during the holiday season than any other time of year. Tracking your print usage also has the added effect of substantially reducing unnecessary or wasteful printing. Furthermore, we can send you an alert if a particular printer or department has gone over their average usage.

Single invoice billing is a benefit not to be underestimated either, since it reduces the workload of the accounting department. Rather than having to process payments for multiple vendors (for some businesses, this is as much as five separate entities), all document generation costs are in a single invoice to your MPS provider.

The IT department also enjoys a similarly reduced workload, because the MPS handles all maintenance and repair of the printer fleet. Your IT staff can redirect their efforts to more meaningful problem solving and troubleshooting for your business.

These are just a handful of the benefits of working with us as your MPS partner. We invite you to learn more details here. You do not have to own Xerox equipment to take advantage of our service, but if you decide you want to upgrade, we can help with that too.

what is a managed print serviceLearn More About the Xerox Experience With Preferred Document Solutions

Whether you want to start saving up to 30% on your document generation costs or it’s time to upgrade your office to modern Xerox equipment, our team at Preferred Document Solutions is standing by to help you grow your business in any way we can.

To learn more about any of the topics discussed here today, please feel free to give us a ring at (719) 634-1134 or send us an email. You’re also more than welcome to request a free online quote.