PDS Preferred Document Solutions Electronic Document Management

Many offices are still tied to their paper documents with bulky filing cabinets. Keeping you from moving into the digital age, paper documents are time consuming to manage, file and locate. An electronic document management system can help you to streamline your business processes and cut out time consuming paper-related tasks.

Document management systems, like SharePoint, allow you to scan and store your documents digitally in a system that is designed for your business needs. With this system, office workers can easily share, locate and file documents easily, saving them time throughout their days.

Transform Your Existing System

If you have already implemented a document management system, we are able to help you tailor your system to ensure that it is performing to your specific needs. Additionally, we can implement an efficient workflow for adding new documents to your system.

We offer several products to help create the best system possible. Some of them are:

  • Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud
  • Xerox ConnectKey Scan to SharePoint
  • Nuacne eCopy
  • ScanFlowStore
  • SafeCom
  • NSI Autostore

Document management can help you take your existing processes to the digital age. If you need help implementing a document management system or would like to streamline your existing system, contact us!