Xerox multifunction printers have opened a wealth of in-house marketing possibilities for small business owners and department managers across the country. There was a time not so long ago that print advertising campaigns were expensive (or at the very least inconvenient) to coordinate, but now businesses are capable of designing and producing just about everything themselves—a huge time and money saver.

With summer right around the corner, today’s post will focus on some unique ways you can heat up your summer print marketing campaigns, all of which can be produced in-house with your Xerox MFP.

Let’s dive in:

benefits of seasonal print marketingGuerrilla Marketing Classics: Flyers, Door Hangers, and Hand-Out Brochures

Flyers, door hangers, and brochures all might seem “old school” in today’s world of digital advertising, but they’re just as popular as ever—because they work so well. The best part is that your Xerox MFP is equipped to produce all of these kinds of advertisements at a huge savings over third party print companies.

These kinds of advertisements are ideal for summer for a handful of reasons, the biggest of which is simply that more people are spending time outdoors. The key to success is coverage: you want to get as many of your print advertisements spread out over as wide an area as possible.

Door hangers are of particular note. Often overlooked, but in some cases can convert at even higher rates than flyers. Popularized by the food service industry (where this form of advertising is particularly effective as a menu left on a door handle), door hangers can be utilized by nearly any industry, especially those who provide home services of any kind.

Hot Ideas for Summertime Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are an excellent way to advertise during the summertime, especially if you can tie them in with a seasonally themed sale, event, or other incentive. For an effective run, you’ll want to make sure that your campaign is laser-focused to cut through the noise and grab the recipient’s attention. Other businesses will be sending out their own direct mail campaigns during the summer, so beat them out by being direct and to-the-point about your offer and what it brings to the table for potential customers.

Remember to show the benefits of your service rather than just the features. For example, HVAC companies ramp up their advertising in the summer—take a look at how they craft their ads.

It’s likely that you’ll notice companies proclaiming that they can help repair or replace broken air conditioners not because of their high skill levels or expertise in their field, but because it’s going to help customers beat the heat. HVAC companies know that nobody wants to roast in their own homes when it’s hot outside, and they capitalize on the benefit of getting an air conditioner back to good working order. What’s your “broken air conditioner” selling point?

summer print marketing tipsLearn More About How Xerox MFPs Are In-House Marketing Machines

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